Twisted Nursery Rhymes

It has been some time since I worked in a studio with models and make-up artists, so when I got chance to have some fun and raise a small amount of money for ch… more

Dash of the Titan

I was invited along to the Dash of the Titan event at Thoresby woods through my camera club (NOPS), with a view to helping the event out with some photography.… more

Birds of Prey

A wonderful day out with some of my camera club buddies saw us shooting (that's taking photos of, not killing) birds of prey. One of my colleagues at the camera… more

Diploma in Professional Photography

I recently graduated from the Photography Institute (http://www. thephotographyinstitute. co. uk) with a Diploma of Professional Photography and wanted to tell… more

Which Camera?

When many people find out I am a photographer, the first thing I hear is "Oh I would like to talk to you about which camera to buy", so I thought I would write… more


So I have finally got around to updating my website from the ageing HTML 4… more