It has been some time since I worked in a studio with models and make-up artists, so when I got chance to have some fun and raise a small amount of money for charity, I took it.

A make-up artist friend of mine (Tammy) works with a charity called "Look Good, Feel Better" which works to provide practical and very effective free services for women and teenagers struggling with the visible side effects of cancer treatment, and she arranged this photo shoot to raise some money and awareness for this charity.

The theme for the shoot was selected as "Twisted Nursery Rhymes", which was essentially to take a nursery rhyme and give it an alternative twist (which normally means gore). Tammy gathered together make-up artists, models, photographers and designers and arranged the shoot, and re-arranged the shoot for various availability issues, which was a challenge but she rose to it well.

As the date of the shoot approached, I was keen to try out a new portable lighting rig I had (Godox RS600P) which was more than equal to the task at hand and it served me well enabling me to light up the scene I wanted and balancing the shadows against the natural light coming through the windows.

Models Agi, Ali, Matt and Sarah were made-up with various grotesque styles by make-up artists Tammy and Mairead. The photographers set to work arranging the lighting and models accordingly with many an unusual approach being taken that had surprisingly good results. On hand we had a designer and stylist (Rachel) who had various props with her and was also exercising her ability to take photos as well.

We spent all day in the disused space above the Pit and Pendulum pub in Nottingham that is hired out as a photography studio, it's an amazing space with high ceilings, large windows and bare wooden floors and the occasional trap-door. Fun was had by all, and I hope you will agree, some good images were produced, so that just leaves me to let you see the ones I took, you can decide which nursery rhymes if any I managed to capture, I hope you enjoy.